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High-Performance Football Program

A professional environment for players around the world.
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Key Elements of our High-Performance Program


The objective of the training methodology we use is to develop skilled, creative and self-confident players. The Method uses a pyramid of players development that starts by teaching the touch, ball control and confidence; keeps improving 1vs1 skills and ends with group play.


To determine the level of our players, the FansAbout high-performance program allows you to participate in the official local leagues as well as in other regular competitions, international tournaments and stages to play friendly matches as well.

Sports Science

Our high-performance program covers the analysis of the individual performance of the football player and also the analysis of the technical-tactical improvement of football teams. In addition, we prepare, file and deliver accreditation reports on the state of health and performance of the football player.

Health & Nutrition

All the players who sign up for our high-performance program enjoy a high-level health policy with one of the most solvent companies in the country that guarantees complete health care during their stay in Spain.


One of the fundamental pillars of the development of each player continues to be quality training aimed at improving the skills and social relationships that learning provides.


Our residence invites you to relax and rest in a unique environment designed to offer the player all the services and comforts.


A truly immersive football experience

We offer a comprehensive experience that takes our players to play numerous friendly matches, participate in official competitions of the Spanish league, demonstrate their level in international tournaments and many more initiatives so that during their stay in our program, the player can enjoy football in all its dimension.

Sports Science

Individual performance

Because high-performance sport requires a scientific analysis of the player, at FansAbout we have a team of professionals that is responsible for providing everything necessary so that the athlete can better understand their abilities through an individualized study of their physical and mental condition. Thus, his evolution will be much more effective, thus achieving maximum performance, taking into account all those aspects that are decisive in his growth as a player.

Collective performance

Because football is a collective sport, we not only work with the player individually, but we also study his integration into the team so that we help them optimize their performance from a collective point of view so that all that potential that we are developing individually can be useful to the team.

Our facilities

FansAbout has state-of-the-art facilities that have FIFA Quality accreditation. The artificial grass system equips the DUAL XN technology with Trocellen elastic sub base. The grass offers excellent sporting and technical function, performance, safety, durability and quality.

The Residence

The residence is located in Valencia city, 700 meters from Patacona beach, and offers accommodation in single rooms equipped with air conditioning, wi-fi, private bathroom, television, fridge and desk. The complex has a 24-hour reception and also has a wide range of common areas such as a complete fitness centre, dining room, leisure areas, study rooms, a cinema room, a large outdoor terrace and a swimming pool.