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FansFootball is a football tournament that opens the competition to fans.

Normally soccer tournaments are designed to measure the strengths of teams and clubs that hope to offer a high level of competition. They are events in which winning is the most important thing and, above all, facing elite professional entities that also come to gauge the level of their soccer academies.

FansAbout wanted to offer the possibility of enjoying a tournament to those fans who simply enjoy playing football. Athletes who are not normally part of the competition squads of these major tournaments and who will never be able to aspire to play high-level matches.
We want everyone to enjoy football and that those clubs and schools that have less competitive teams can offer a unique experience in a festive, playful environment in which the final result is the least significant.

Thus, FansFootball is a benchmark for the authenticity that football represents at its base, a wide group of athletes among whom there is a true fan base and for whom we have wanted to design a tournament that really gives them the opportunity to measure themselves against other teams of his same level and aspirations.

FansFootball brings together the spirit of sport in its purest state, all within the framework of an initiative that undoubtedly offers everything you need to enjoy without the pressure to win. Tournament attendees simply focus on playing.

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