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FansAbout presents its high-performance football program.

Currently, professional sport is so demanding that it requires an optimal level of preparation and football is no exception. To access elite sports, you need to meet a series of requirements that go beyond your own physical and technical preparation.

To provide holistic training within the field of football, FansAbout has designed a high-performance program that not only provides a proven and internationally recognized methodology but also provides a series of elements that are not usually present in football. traditional training and that, however, require special attention given the highly competitive level that currently exists globally.

And it is precisely on these differentiating elements that FansAbout bases its new high-performance program. A series of concepts and processes that footballers must know and plan if they want to integrate into professional football efficiently.

At an academic level, high performance needs a thorough review to adapt to the demands that the professional field currently establishes. And as a result of this analysis, the Fansabout high-performance soccer program was born. A complete initiative that values all those elements of a technical, tactical, formal, methodological and experiential nature that the soccer player needs to be able to provide the appropriate level of training to aspire to find his place within professional football.

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