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FansAbout creates the new Sport Management division

After having successfully advised athletes and institutions, FansAbout introduces a new proposal in its catalogue of services whose purpose is to directly manage sports schools, clubs and other sports-related entities to implement our methodology and work philosophy.

There are innumerable cases of athletes who have an innate talent for the development of their hobby but who do not have the necessary means or resources to explore ways to boost their career to new heights that allow them to make their passion for sport a profession of profit for your future.
Based on the fact that all fans of the different sports disciplines deserve to enjoy practising it and learning all its ins and outs, there is a somewhat smaller number of athletes who would like to make their sport a profession.

At FansAbout we help train all fans and transfer the benefits that practising sport brings to people. We also try to identify talent to help you achieve the necessary levels and skills that facilitate your integration into elite professional environments.

FansAbout Sport Management aims to reach sports training from the base, that is, from the schools themselves where knowledge about the different sports disciplines is taught. Wherever fans arrive, we want them to learn everything related to their favourite sport completely and satisfactorily.

Managing this entire learning ecosystem is a task that requires a proven methodology and management skills based on experience. FansAbout brings a solid track record defending the values that make sport a discipline that requires continuous improvement and extraordinary motivation.

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