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True sport

We are a team of professionals linked to the sport who have worked from the ground up to help athletes and fans identify the values and qualities of the different sports disciplines. We have always seen training in sports as an opportunity to achieve personal development through a methodology that combines the learning of technique with the correct transmission of values that precisely enhance the sport in all its facets.

Key elements in the practice of sport

Motivation 0
Mental strength 0
Skill and dexterity 0
Physical training 0

Innovation in sport

Now, through FansAbout, we have the opportunity to offer fans and athletes a unique opportunity to acquire new skills through innovative programs and methods that help them to adapt properly to the new demands of modern sports.

Creating Community

To grant the maximum diffusion to the learning and improvement of the different sports disciplines with which we work, at FansAbout we launch a series of initiatives that constitute the basis of our positioning in the international market.

Directory of sport entities

A platform for broadcasting sporting events